Friday, September 09, 2005

Overanalyzing a fortune cookie

Our most recent chinese food experience left us with this fortune to ponder:

You have tasted the bitterness as well as the sweetness of coffee

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but this doesn't really even qualify as a fortune, now does it? I am not enlightened. It has not predicted or suggested anything. It's just like "yep, here's a random statement".
It's not even any better if you attach "in bed" to the end. It would be more deep and vague if they just left off the "of coffee" don't you think?
This makes me wonder if perhaps the guy making up the fortunes was having a rough morning reaching his quota. Not much sleep the night before, boss was on his ass to make a deadline. Maybe someone came up and asked if they could get him anything, and he said "a cup of coffee" and then later realized "oh shit... not again! I gotta start proofreading these damn things! No more talking while typing for me!"

Or are they saying there was bittersweet coffee in our chinese food?


Dave said...

best fortune cookie I actually got
"Boys will be boys, and so will most men."

Yossarian said...

i am not lying. i got a fortune once which read, "You recieve information in the mail today."

what the fuck kind of fortune is that? youre going to get mail. duh.

Nervous Girl said...

those are hilarious, dave & yossarian!

Lovely Lisa said...

I save all my fortune cookie prophecies, even if they aren't that fortune-able. I keep them in a mason canning jar above my fridge.

JODSTER said...

I saw one that said "You deserve great success in life."

Not "You will have... " Just "You deserve..."

Silliness really.