Wednesday, September 28, 2005

different camera, same crazy look

Still not much of a photographer, as you can see.
My cat looks like she's posessed and has something to say!

I can't help but look like a deer in the freakin headlights. But eh, that's what I'll put up for now, until I can't stand it and take it down. Seriously, I freak myself out.


Scott said...

jessica- don't be so hard yourself, you are a very good looking lady!

Soffy O said...

Very pretty indeed!!

The Reverend Dan said...

I think you look like a cutie. I saw your comments on Hopelessly Average.

As an internet minister, I specialize in unsolicited advice.

You seem like a class A doll, honey. You're young and beautiful. You're thoughtful and creative. And I would guess you live in deeper waters than most of the waders around you.

Be careful about listening to too much Elliot Smith, dear.

I was on an Elliot binge (among other things) about a year ago. I started listening to him more and more after a major decision to leave California.

Elliot was just about the only one I was listening to before I found out a close friend committed suicide. I listened to him almost compulsively after that.

Thanks in part to Elliot's sense of hopelessness and acceptance of depression -- and a habit I desperately had to break -- I nearly joined Elliot and my friend.

Elliot Smith didn't just commit suicide. He died of a self-inflicted stab wound to the chest.

For all the beauty within Elliot, he was a tortured soul with an ugly mug.

When you're feeling sad, if you must indulge yourself, I suggest a sad movie. Or a funny movie. Or a weird movie. Or a happy song (of which I've never heard one belonging to Elliot). Or something angry.

The last thing I would suggest is an Elliot Smith album, a bath, and a candle. You may choose at any time to invite your plugged in radio to join you (in which case I recommend and Elliot-free Ipod).

If you find it theraputic, what do I know? My credentials are less established than my username. But seriously...

Blush said...

love the brunette.

Nervous Girl said...

Scott - thank you for the nice compliment, and boost to my ego! :-)
Soffy - thank you too, you're sweet.

RevDan - I'm honored that you have graced my blog with your presence. From reading some stuff on HopelesslyAverage, I see that you're also quite a funny mofo. Thank you for your kind words and support, and damn - you know a lot about Elliott Smith.
I'm not planning to do myself in, just so you know. But if I was - in the bathtub with a plugged in radio, shouldn't I listen to "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane?

\ ang \ said...

haha - you're cute and your cat is too. <3

The Reverend Dan said...

I'm telling you, babe, anything but Elliot Smith.

"When the white rabbit peaks, throw the radio into the tub."

Lovely Lisa said...

Look at you!!! You are absolutely fabulous...
jessica, you are so pretty, I am jealous of your perfect skin...

sorry i haven't blogged lately, been down, you know why...but good luck with your camera...and we will talk soon, we have to!